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Republicans win Arizona 2nd

Republicans win California fortieth

Democrats win California forty sixth

Democrats win Washington eighth

Democrats win California thirty seventh

Democrats win California twenty ninth

Democrats win California sixteenth

Democrats win Illinois seventeenth

Republicans win California twenty third

Democrats win New Mexico 2nd

Republicans win Montana 1st

Democrats win Connecticut fifth

Republicans win New Jersey seventh

Democrats win Washington tenth

Democrats win California thirty first

Democrats win California thirty ninth

Democrats win California thirty third

Democrats win California twenty eighth

Democrats win California twenty fifth

Democrats win Pennsylvania seventh

Republicans win Michigan tenth

Republicans win Arizona fifth

Democrats win Pennsylvania eighth

Republicans maintain Wisconsin

Republicans win New York nineteenth

Republicans win New York seventeenth


51 to win***contains independents**vice-president (Dem) has casting voteno electionno election32 of 35 races known as


218 to win403 of 435 races known as

Many seats in United States elections all the time go to the identical celebration. So management of the Senate and Home of Representatives will depend on a comparatively small variety of aggressive seats, or “battlegrounds”. Election consultants rank the aggressive seats as kind of prone to return a Republican or Democrat. This offers a clue to how the election is evolving total; if Democrats are profitable seats that had been thought prone to go Republican, it might be a sign they may do effectively total. Simplistically, blue shapes on the proper of the next charts sign a great night time for Biden and the Democrats, and purple shapes on the left sign the alternative.


After flipping a Senate seat in Pennsylvania, the Democrats hampered Republican hopes of controlling the higher home. This might rely upon the December election in Georgia after the Senate race there superior to a run-off.

no outcome


The Home appears to be like set to flip to the Republicans however a
‘purple wave’ has didn’t materialise. Key seats embrace Iowa’s third
district and Colorado’s eighth.

no outcome

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How do the elections work?

All 435 seats within the decrease chamber of the federal congress, the House of Representatives, are re-elected each two years. (There are not any time period limits, and incumbents are sometimes returned, so there may be substantial continuity within the membership). Home seats are broadly proportional to inhabitants, so California has plenty of seats however Montana just a few.

The higher chamber, the Senate, has 100 seats; two for every state, nonetheless populous. In each even-numbered 12 months, roughly one-third of senators are elected for a six-year time period. Laws has to cross each chambers to grow to be regulation. Senators have some further duties in contrast with their colleagues within the Home; mainly these need to do with confirming (or not) presidential appointments.

Governors will not be a part of Congress. Their influence is usually native to their very own state, however as a result of they will have an effect on electoral regulation or follow, they will have an effect on future federal elections.

Going into the election the Democratic celebration of the president, Joe Biden, managed each chambers of Congress, however by very slim margins. Within the Senate, a 50-50 cut up would imply a casting vote went to the vice-president, Kamala Harris. (In follow the casting vote extra usually went to Joe Manchin, a Democratic senator representing a largely Republican state).

These elections are known as midterms as a result of they occur in the midst of a four-year presidential time period. They’re troublesome for sitting presidents as a result of the presidential celebration usually does badly in them, and since shedding management of Congress makes it tougher for the president to pursue his or her agenda.

About these outcomes

The outcomes are offered by the Related Press, or AP, who’ve rigorous criteria for “calling” election races; that’s, for reporting a winner. Redrawing of Home districts this 12 months following the 2020 census imply AP shouldn’t be reporting “flips”, or seats the place the sitting celebration adjustments. The redistricting implies that in a number of seats there are two incumbent representatives competing for a brand new district. It could additionally influence the change figures seen on the Home outcomes abstract bar. It’s attainable that some seats will depend 100% of votes with out a winner turning into obvious due to legal guidelines that set off an computerized recount in races which are very shut.